Welcome to the official website of the Patent and Trademarks Office of the Repubblic of San Marino

The task of the Patent and Trademarks Office is to register national trademarks, patents and designs and to receive applications for international trademarks and patents.
Starting from December 2000 every two months USBM publishes a Gazette in which you can find publications of applications for patents, trademarks and designs and grants.
USBM offers operative and methodological support for filing applications, putting to disposal forms for applications.
Republic of San Marino is a member of Paris Convention and of Madrid Agreement and Additional Protocol (2007) on International registration of trademarks.
San Marino is a member of Patent Cooperation Treaty (P.C.T.) since 2004 and of European Patent Organisation (E.P.O.) since 2009.
Everyone can apply for patent, trademark or design in San Marino, however, who is a resident in San Marino can apply directly, others can apply only through an agent with power of attorney (the agent must be enrolled in a special register held by USBM).
You can find all information, legal texts, forms, names and addresses of agent in this website.
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June 1997: Framework law on Trademarks and Patents.
June 1999: Implementation law of Framework law on trademarks and patents.
December 2000: USBM start to publish a Official Gazette relating Patents, Trademarks and Designs.
July 2004: Republic of San Marino ratify Patent Cooperation Treaty (P.C.T.).
April 2005: signature of a Memorandum of understanding between Ufficio di Stato Brevetti e Marchi (USBM) and the Austrian Patent Office (A.P.O.)
May 2005: Industrial Property Consolidation Act
June 2007: Republic of San Marino ratify Protocol Relating to the Madrid Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Marks
July 2009: Republic of San Marino ratify European Patent Convention (E.P.C. 2000)
October 2013: Signature of the Working agreement on search cooperation between European Patent Organisation and Republic of San Marino

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