Design means the external shape of an object; where two-dimensional, it shall be identified with the drawing (i.e. the pattern of a cloth), if three-dimensional, it shall be identified with the model of an object.
A design may be admitted to protection provided that it is new, it has an individual character and it is not contrary to law or public morality.
The owner of a registered design or model shall be entitled to prohibit others from using any product having an identical or similar design for commercial purposes, i.e. from producing, importing and exporting such products.
In the Republic of San Marino, the registration fee for a 5 year period shall amount to 70.00 euro for every model or design; by means of a single application, up to 100 designs or models can be registered; in such event, the fee shall be increased up to a maximum of 400.00 euro.
Any registered design or model shall benefit from a protection period of 5 years, which can be extended until a maximum of 25 years.
The U.S.B.M. shall not verify either novelty or distinctive character of the design or model. However, such requirements may be challenged in judgement at any time. It shall be the duty of the Single Court of the Republic of San Marino to decide on the validity of the title of protection.

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