Welcome to the official website of the Patent and Trademarks Office of the Repubblic of San Marino

The task of the Patent and Trademarks Office is to register national trademarks, patents and designs and to receive applications for international trademarks and patents. Starting from December 2000 every two months USBM publishes a Gazette in which you can find publications of applications for patents, trademarks and designs and grants. USBM offers operative and methodological support for filing applications, putting to disposal forms for applications. Republic of San Marino is a member of Paris Convention and of Madrid Agreement and Additional Protocol (2007) on International registration of trademarks. San Marino is a member of Patent .. continua >>


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A patent is the means of protection of inventions. In..


Design means the external shape of an object; where t..


The owners of European patents and international trademarks that want to protect their inventions or trademarks in the Republic of San Marino are required to pay national taxes in San Marino and can not longer avail themselves of the reciprocity of recognition on trademarks, patents and designs sanctioned by art.43 of the Convention San Marino- Italy of 1939.With the ratification of the Exchange of notes between Italy and the Republic of San Marino on art.43 of the Convention of 1939 on the subject of usurpation and counterfeiting of industr.. continua >>